Hello there and welcome to Techs Mex Divers. You might be wondering who we are and what we do – and with a name like ours, we don’t blame you for being confused! We are a team of mortgage brokers and rather than staying at the surface level when it comes to finding the best loans for our clients, we prefer to dive a little deeper to get to the juicy goodness below.

We actively compare interest rates and offer one of the most proficient mortgage calculators available online to help our clients to find the most effective deals available. Whether you’re hoping to get to grips with how rates and bank loans work – or if you are keen to get your application process underway, we are here to help and we promise to pull out all the stops to connect you with the most effective repayment plan out there!

Our work ethics

Over the years we’ve learnt exactly what’s involved with providing a world-class service that guarantees satisfaction and results. We don’t do things by halves, in fact when it comes to comparing rates, negotiating terms and finalising deals – there’s no agency out there quite as effective as we are.

We prioritise the wants and needs of our clients. No matter what your budget might be and regardless of how much you can afford to repay; we’ll go above and beyond to source the most beneficial deals from some of Australia’s leading lenders before presenting them to you. When choosing our services, you aren’t just hiring a team of experts – you’re taking on individual professionals that will pride themselves on getting you results.

We work independently from banks and lenders, and this allows us to approach each mortgage application without feeling biased. We’ll never encourage you to sign up to a lender’s terms without a real set of reasons; this in itself should be enough to reassure you that we’ll offer results that you can trust!

Why choose our services?

We aren’t just your average mortgage broking company, in fact every single member of our team comes from a background of no less than ten years working within the financial sector. When combining our expertise, negotiation skills and knowledge of the way in which the mortgage industry operates; you have a well-rounded team of experts that can all but guarantee to provide results that far surpass your expectations.

If you are ready to get your mortgage application started, or for a little friendly advice from those in the know – reach out to us today and we’ll do everything that we can to help.